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A classical languages teacher by day, Wouter van Gorp (1990) spends most of his time off-work writing fantasy, sci-fi and historical fiction. Publishing his own stories as well as writing for publishing houses, he has written novels and short stories both. His narratives, whether set in antiquity, outer space, made-up places or (a version of) our reality, always contain traces of Van Gorp's trademark humour.

After publishing his debut, The Wanderers - part I: Spinner's soldier (2015), first of what is to become an English epic fantasy series, Van Gorp has turned to writing short works of fiction, mainly in Dutch. He has written for some of the major short story competitions in the Netherlands, and has achieved high rankings and prizes with many of his stories. 2018 saw the publication of his second book: a collection of short stories titled Dusk Words  (Dutch: Schemerwoorden).

In 2018 Van Gorp joined Nimisa Publishing, a cooperation of like-minded authors. In 2019 a second edition of his short story collection Dusk Words will appear at Nimisa Publishing.


Prizes and rankings:

-2nd prize Harland Awards 2017 (short story "Jongen van Elf")

-nomination EdgeZero Award 2017 (short story "De Beste Bedoelingen")

-5th place Harland Awards 2018 (short story "Voor het Ongeluk Geboren")

-5th place Harland Awards 2017 (short story "De Beste Bedoelingen")

-4th prize Trek Sagae 2017 (short story "De Con-Artist")

-5th place Godijn Publishing Achterblijvers short story competition (short story "De Raaf, de Vrouw, het Mozaïek")

-5th place Harland Awards 2016 (short story "Historie van een Helm")

Short stories

-De raaf, de vrouw, het Mozaïek (Achterblijvers, Godijn Publishing, published 2018)

-De Laatste Uren van Abbas (Uitgeverij Historische Verhalen, published 2018)

-De Beste Bedoelingen (EdgeZero, de beste Nederlandse genreverhalen uit 2017, published 2018)

-Koperslag (Vonk Magazine, published 2019)


-Bij Veghel gaat het mis (Brabant Remembers, Stichting Crossroads Brabant '40-'45, published 2018)


-The Wanderers - part I: Spinner's soldier (Self-published, 2015)

-Dusk Words (Dutch: Schemerwoorden. Self-published, 2018, second print at Nimisa Publishing House, 2019)

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