A demon has a heavy conscience. A helmet brings nothing but misery. A DJ performs for fifteen planets. A cashier can tell the future from the groceries in front of her. A Roman attempts to find happiness through philosophy. A santa on a boat has nefarious goals. DUSK WORDS: stories best kept out of the sun.

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'The Fair Boy' (Jongen van Elf)
2nd prize Harland Awards 2017
“A fairytale-like story with grim edges, begging to be fleshed out into a novel."
-Monique Manshanden, jury Harland Awards 2017

'With Best Intentions' (De Beste Bedoelingen)
5th place Harland Awards 2017
“Hel as a bureaucratic mirror to our society, with a punch of Hiëronymus Bosch.”
-Roderick Leeuwenhart, jury Harland Awards 2017, author of 'Pindakaas en Sushi'

'The Con-Artist'
4th place Trek Sagae 2017
“A story deserving a place in the finale, well-found and well-written.”
-Edith Louw, jury Trek Sagae 2017

Dusk Words is Wouter van Gorp's first collection of short stories. Over the last few years, he has written enthusiastically for, and received prizes and high rankings in several well-known Dutch short story competitions (nominated EdgeZero award, 2nd prize Harland Awards 2017, 4th prize Trek Sagae 2017). Dusk Words collects the stories – in the genres of fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction – by which this author taught himself the art of writing.

Language: Dutch

Binding: Paperback

Size: 135 mm x 215 mm

Pages: 328

ISBN: 9789082421712

Price: €16,95