The Wanderers

The Wanderers - part I: Spinner's soldier is Wouter van Gorp's debut: a fantasy adventure novel on an epic scale, describing the adventures of a band of mercenary misfits travelling the breadth and width of the Realm and leaving a trail of blood in their wake as they fight - not for glory, but for the promise of that glittering goodness that is gold.

When the discovery of an encrypted letter and the appearance of a group of persistent agents hint at a Realm, perhaps an entire world, in peril, the Wanderers begin to find out that their moral compass, stowed away in deep recesses of their heart, is not as completely lost as they made it out to be. And with the violent skills that their bloody experience has brought them, our would-be-heroes may just be the only ones able to save the world around them...


The Wanderers - part I: Spinner's soldier was published in 2015 as the first of what will be a series of fantasy novels, and is based on a roleplaying-campaign Wouter van Gorp ran for his friends. Illustrated and endowed with maps by the artist Ruben Mols, this book is a pleasure to read and behold for any true fan of epic fantasy and Dungeons & Dragons.

Language: English

Binding: Paperback

Size: 132 mm x 198 mm

Pages: 803

ISBN: 9789082421705

Price: €14,95

Also available as PDF or Ebook!