Where to find TheWritingWouter.

Festival season is at our doorstep. No, I’m not talking about Lowlands, Down the Rabbit Hole or Pinkpop. I’m talking about Elfia, Castlefest, Facts Gent, etc. For fantasy,- scifi-, steampunk- and other genre-enthusiasts these events and festivals provide the opportunity to live out their passion with like-minded fellows. For authors such as myself, they provide an opportunity to promote our books.

New books.

And festival season could not have come at a better time: I only just received the copies of Schemerwoorden, second print, new and improved! Now with better editing, an upgraded look and the official Nimisa-logo. You can order your copy on this site, through the Nimisa-webshop or bol.com!

(The new book – on the left – versus the old – on the right).

Where to find TheWritingWouter?

This year TheWritingWouter will attend several festivals, fairs and events: we kick off with Elfia, next saturday April 13th at the beautiful Haarzuilens castle grounds. Together with my fellow Nimisa-authors I’ll be manning the tent and promoting both The Wanderers and Schemerwoorden. This last is due to be published April 10th, so Elfia will be your first chance at getting a copy!

After that it’s Zevenaar, saturday first and sunday second of June. Nimisa will be launching a special writing project there, about the stories and myths quite literally surrounding the town of Zevenaar.

Saturday third and sunday fourth of August, you’ll find me in the Writers’ tent at Castlefest, and you’ll be able to get a book, an autograph and a chat with the author.

Not quite sure whether I’ll attend FACTS Gent October 19 and 20, but If I do, I’ll be posting on this site to let you know. What I am sure about, is that I’ll be comfortably cozy in the Roman baths at Archeon, during the Midwinter Fair, December 8th and 9th, to help all the literary addicts get their kicks.

Too much to remember? I’ll be posting a calendar on the home page, so you’ll quickly be able to see where to spot TheWritingWouter this year!

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