Lecture – Word to Story

How does a writer write? What are the steps an author takes to get from that first step – a word on paper – to a completed story (or even a book)? And is this process the same for every author? In his lecture – Word to Story, Van Gorp takes his audience into the mind of the author, and discusses all things relevant to writing a story: from building tension to inspiration, from vocabulary to perspective. Throughout his talk he uses anecdotes both from his own writing process as that of famous authors such as Pratchett and King, and offers his audience a refreshing perspective on the author at work.

Duration: 1 – 1.5 hours (according to preference).

Necessary equipment: beamer or whiteboard.

Price: €150, including preparation and travel expenses.

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*Above: how not to give a lecture: back to the audience, hat on, writing too small and with too many question marks… we’ll do better.