Reading and signing

In this reading and signing-session, Van Gorp first reads from his own work, and analyses the story in its different facets and stages of development, to give his audience an idea of how a first hint of inspiration can become a fleshed-out narrative. In doing so, Van Gorp will use anecdotes to illuminate his own, unique writing process. Then, Van Gorp will read the story in its entirety, and end on a Q&A-session. After, you can come up and have a chat with the author and get your book signed.*

This double reading-and-signing session can be tailored to your wishes. For instance, you can choose which work Van Gorp reads from, and how long both the lecture and signing part of the session will take.

Duration: according to preference

Necessary equipment: seats for the audience, table and chair for signing. Beamer or whiteboard optional.

Price: €150, including preparation and travel expenses.

*Wouter van Gorp does not believe in asking money to sign your book. His autographs come free.

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*Above: the notebook of an author who a. still believes in hand-written manuscripts, and b. uses his notebook to dry herbs in. What madness.