Workshop – Word to Story

In this workshop, Wouter van Gorp takes you through the creation of a story, from its very first inspirational steps, through choices of perspective, the building of tension, creating your characters and picking vocabulary, all the way to the completion of a story, with a series of easily-applicable exercises and assignments to inspire both the experienced writer and the novice along the way.

Ideal for writers’ clubs and other associations looking to do something (more) with creative writing, or middle schools with writing courses or projects.

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours (according to preference).

Necessary equipment: beamer or whiteboard.

Price: €250, including preparation and travel expenses.

Information request

*Above: pexels’ idea of writing: the lamp serving as a metaphor for inspiration, and apparently some writers need this metaphor as a physical object on top of their writing equipment. Practical, that…