Writing on commission

Could your project benefit from a genre writer? Do you need a story for a collection, an event, a company? Experienced at writing on commission, TheWritingWouter is your man for custom-made stories, be they fantastical, horrific, folklorical or historical…

As no two stories are the same, there is no fixed price for TheWritingWouter’s custom-made stories. Contact him to come to an agreement, taking factors such as preparation, research and deadline into account. As an indication for a standard price for writing on commission, however: TheWritingWouter charges €0,10 a word.

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*Above: how not to furnish your writing space: pencil and paper (sure to make your work ever-lasting), glasses on top of them so you can’t see nothing, photocamera and some random polaroids to inspire you, and to top it all your desktop is an ancient map, lest you forget where you are… right.